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Blister-packed German Homoeopathic Medication :
Homoeopathic medications are very sensitive and delicate. Slightest contamination might reduce the power and effectivity of the medication. Thus it is blister-packed, un-touched by any human hand till one would consume the medication orally...

Disease-oriented individualistic diet charts :

Every single disease would require a different diet profile to be followed. Qualified dietician would guide the patient about the proper diet chart for the particular case and for the particular patient.

Yoga guidance :

Even by the modern day science admits that regular Yoga is very helpful in improving the patientsí innate immunity and it helps in proper physiologic functioning between different vital organs of the body protects the body from allergic rhinitis problems and its different complications.

Fully computerized operations and application of Patient-management System :

In homoeopathy recording of patientsí data (total history of patient and medicinal history) is very important and we have developed a unique Patient-management System for better patient care.

Home visits in particular cases :

For some particular disease condition where the patient is not able to come to the clinic, our dedicated doctors can reach to the patientís doorstep and medication also can be delivered. For the time being this facility is only for Suratgarh.

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